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The most common questions we hear are:

What are your Terms and Conditions?
If you have purchased a Grin and Bear it session that includes the digital images on disk you may use and reproduce these for personal use.  Grin and Bear It Photography retains the copyright and may use them at any time. 

If you would like to use these images commercially in any way please contact us at

What is your privacy policy?
Grin and Bear It is dedicated to keeping your details private.  Any information, we collect in relation to you, is kept strictly secured.  We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone. We use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our monthly newsletter (where applicable) and to personalise your shopping experience with us: that's all.  Grin and Bear it uses cookies to allow you to login to your account, maintain a shopping cart and to purchase items in your shopping cart.  Cookies sent to your computer from Grin and Bear it only last while you're browsing out website.  We do not store persistent cookies on your computer. 

Grin and Bear It may use your images on our facebook/social media and website.  Occasionally for family sessions we may refer to you by name: eg.. "Thanks to Bob and Jane for meeting us today...".  When we photograph children in a school or childcare centre we do not post any images to social media sites (they may be used on our website or marketing brochures) and we do not use any child's name.   Grin and Bear it will not supply your personal details to any third party without your knowledge and consent.

Do your staff hold Working with Vulnerable People Cards?
Yes, Grin and Bear It requires all staff to carry with them a current Working with Vulnerable People Card.

Where are you - Can we come to you?
Grin and Bear it doesn't work out of a studio.  For schools and childcare photos we photograph onsite at the school or centre.  For family sessions we meet in a public space (park or garden) or at your home.  We can hold the session outdoors, or indoor with a portable studio.  Our registered address is in Chapman ACT.

What if I don't like my photos?
It hasn't happened yet, but we know it's possible...people get sick, kids are cranky... if a family shoot with us really goes pear shaped we're happy to arrange a time to try again.  We'll make sure you get some great images of your family!

If you have purchased a Prepaid school photo package we offer a full, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  If you don't like your photos simply email us, return your photo pack to the school within 7 days and we will provide a full refund within 2 days.

 How long will my photos take?
This depends on what photo service or print products we are providing you.

Family photos - we aim for faster, but family photos are usually shot, edited and delivered to you within 4 weeks of the session. 

Primary School - PrePaid photos - we allow 6-8 weeks from photo day for photos to be delivered to the school.  This timeframe allows for editing, a makeup day so absent children can be included, proofing and approval of groups by the school and printing and packaging.

Childcare centres - ordering off a proof sheet.  We photograph in a childcare centre for multiple days throughout a week.  Once the week is complete (often we return for a makeup day the following week to catch any absent children) we edit and return your proofs to the centre usually within 3 weeks.  Your order form will have a date for orders to be returned to the centre or placed online - usually 2-3 weeks.  From the time we collect orders from the centre we aim to have your photo packages delivered within 2-3 weeks. 

 I ordered online, where will my photos be delivered?
If you placed your order online prior to photo day (prepaid) or the order return date (proof ordering) your order will be held and printed and delivered to the school or Childcare centre in a bulk delivery.  This saves each client paying a delivery fee.  Please don't be confused - some shopping cart software forces you to enter your postal address, even though the packages will be delivered to the school or centre.  Delivery to the school or centre is usually within 3 weeks of the order return date.

If you placed your order online late (and were charged and shipping and handling fee) your order will be shipped from the lab to Grin and Bear it for final packaging and then forwarded on directly to your postal address.  You should receive these packages within 2 weeks.

I placed my order incorrectly - Can I cancel it?
Sure, these things sometimes happen.  Let us know ( as soon as you can and we'll cancel the order and refund your payment.

I'm paying by credit card.  Are my details safe?
If you order online you will be asked to pay by credit card.  Our shopping cart will pass you to our merchant bank facility (our logo will still be on the page) and they will process your card and return you to our website.  Grin and Bear It does not store your credit card information at any time.

If you have written your credit card information on your order envelope the envelopes will be collected from the school or childcare centre and stored securely.  Once we have manually processed your card we black out the card number.  The order envelope is then returned to you with your order for you to dispose of appropriately.  We do not keep copies (digital or otherwise) of any credit card information at any time.

Something we've forgotten to answer??
Please feel free to email us at  We're always happy to help.